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In the last two years has given postgraduate courses


* Polymer Chemistry

* Advanced Electrochemistry

* Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


In the last two years of his undergraduate course


* Physical Chemistry-I and II

* Matematics for Chemist

* Polymer Characterization

* Physical Chemistry Lab-I and II

* Occupational English

* General Chemistry I and II

* General Chemistry Lab. I and II

* Polymer Chemistry

* Quantum Chemistry


Completed master's thesis management - Alumni-






-Electropolymerization of 2,2´-Bithiophene, N-Methylpyrrole, and 3-Octylthiophene Monomers, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Equivalent Circuit Modelling, Fatih Arıcan, 2011-2013


- Electropolymerization, Characterization, Capacitor and Sensor Applications of Carbazole-terthiophene, Nuri EREN, 2011-2013




-Polyaniline nanoparticules (TiO2, Ag and Zn) and nanocomposite film formations and Investigation of Corrosion protection effects, Erhan TOPKAYA, 2012-2014.



- Comparison of electrochemical polymer films of Anilne and 3,4-methylenedioxythiophene together with TiO2 nanoparticle composites and Anti-corrosion properties, Okan KALENDER, 2012-2014.





- A study on the nanocomposite film formation with polypyrrole and N-Methylpyrrole's TiO2 and corrosion avoidance effects, Levent KAMER, 2012-2014.


- Electrochemical polymerization of Thiophene and Thiophene derivatives (3-hexyl)thiophene and (3-octyl)thiophene, preparation of composites with TiO2 nanoparticles, characterizations and corrosion protection behaviors, Ayşegül DOLAPDERE, 2012-2014.





- Electrosynthesis and characterizations of a copolymer based on pyrrole and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene and its supercapacitor applications, İlker EKMEN, 2013-2015.



- Supercapacitor applications of Polyaniline and poly(3,4-etihylenedioxythiophene) polymer and nanocomposites, Mehmet Akif SERİN, 2013-2016.


- Synthesis of Some Functional Conducting Polymers, Characterization, Mott-Schottky  Analysis and Sensor Applications, PhD Thesis, co-advisor: Prof.Dr.A.Sezai Sarac, Tolga KARAZEHİR, May, 2017.



-The synthesis of Polypyrrole/graphene, PEDOT/graphene nanocomposites, Characterization, and Supercapacitor Applications, Sinan ÇALIŞKAN, August, 2017.


- Starch-based bioplastic Materials, Pınar KUZ, December, 2017.

- Nanocomposite synthesis of Polycarbazole and its derivatives with graphene, characterization and Capacitor behaviors, Esin ÖZTEN, January, 2018.


Carbon based Ruthenium (IV) oxide nanocomposite synthesis, Characterizations and Supercapacitor Applications, Murat YILDIRIM, September, 2018


- Synthesis of CuO, rGO/CuO and rGO/CuO/PEDOT Nanocomposites and their Supercapacitor and Equivalent Circuit Model Evaluations, Alpay GARİP, March, 2019


-Çağatay Elibol completed his PhD studies at University of Stuttgart, and Max Planck Institude, Germany as co-adviser of Prof. Dr. Murat ATES from Turkey.



- Synthesis, Characterization and Supercapacitor Applications of CB/MnO2/PPy and rGO/MnO2/PTTh Nanocomposites, Ozge Kuzgun, November, 2019



- Symemetrical Supercapacitor device performances and Analysis, Selin Aktaş, March, 2020.



- Applications of graphene oxide / Polypyrrole / Polyvinyl alcohol composites and derivatives for the Nanofiber Supercapacitor Device, Yeliz Yürük, October, 2020.

- rGO, rGO/MnO2, rGO/CuO, rGO/MnO2/PANI, rGO/CuO/PANI binary and ternary nanocomposite synthesis, Supercapacitor applications, Zerrin Dulger, January, 2023.

Ozan YÖRÜK completed his PhD studies at Trakya University and Tekirdag Namik Kemal University, TURKIYE as co-adviser of Prof. Dr. Murat ATES.

- Production of Symmetric and Asymmetric supercapacitors from Graphene based nanostructures, Dr.. Ozan YÖRÜK, 19. January, 2023.

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Ceylin Alperen was graduated on 08.06.2023-Supercapacitor device applications of reduced graphene oxide / Polythiophene / Polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite and derivatives.

Sevda Alaçamlı was graduated on 07.08.2023- Synthesis of Polythiophene bases nanocomposite materials, Electrochemical behaviors and supercapacitor applications, 

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