In the last two years has given postgraduate courses


* Polymer Chemistry

* Advanced Electrochemistry

* Nanoscience and Nanotechnology


In the last two years of his undergraduate course


* Physical Chemistry-I and II

* Matematics for Chemist

* Polymer Characterization

* Physical Chemistry Lab-I and II

* Occupational English

* General Chemistry I and II

* General Chemistry Lab. I and II

* Polymer Chemistry

* Quantum Chemistry


Completed master's thesis management - Alumni-


- Electropolymerization of 2,2´-Bithiophene, N-Methylpyrrole, and 3-Octylthiophene Monomers, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy and Equivalent Circuit Modelling, Fatih Arıcan, 2011-2013


- Electropolymerization, Characterization, Capacitor and Sensor Applications of Carbazole-terthiophene, Nuri EREN, 2011-2013


-Polyaniline nanoparticules (TiO2, Ag and Zn) and nanocomposite film formations and Investigation of Corrosion protection effects, Erhan TOPKAYA, 2012-2014.


- Comparison of electrochemical polymer films of Anilne and 3,4-methylenedioxythiophene together with TiO2 nanoparticle composites and Anti-corrosion properties, Okan KALENDER, 2012-2014.



- A study on the nanocomposite film formation with polypyrrole and N-Methylpyrrole's TiO2 and corrosion avoidance effects, Levent KAMER, 2012-2014.



- Electrochemical polymerization of Thiophene and Thiophene derivatives (3-hexyl)thiophene and (3-octyl)thiophene, preparation of composites with TiO2 nanoparticles, characterizations and corrosion protection behaviors, Ayşegül DOLAPDERE, 2012-2014.



- Electrosynthesis and characterizations of a copolymer based on pyrrole and 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene and its supercapacitor applications, İlker EKMEN, 2013-2015.



- Supercapacitor applications of Polyaniline and poly(3,4-etihylenedioxythiophene) polymer and nanocomposites, Mehmet Akif SERİN, 2013-2016.

- Synthesis of Some Functional Conducting Polymers, Characterization, Mott-Schottky  Analysis and Sensor Applications, PhD Thesis, co-advisor: Prof.Dr.A.Sezai Sarac, Tolga KARAZEHİR, May, 2017.


- The synthesis of Polypyrrole/graphene, PEDOT/graphene nanocomposites, Characterization, and Supercapacitor Applications, Sinan ÇALIŞKAN, August, 2017.


- Starch-based bioplastic Materials, Pınar KUZ, December, 2017.

- Nanocomposite synthesis of Polycarbazole and its derivatives with graphene, characterization and Capacitor behaviors, Esin ÖZTEN, January, 2018.

- Carbon based Ruthenium (IV) oxide nanocomposite synthesis, Characterizations and Supercapacitor Applications, Murat YILDIRIM, September, 2018

- Synthesis of CuO, rGO/CuO and rGO/CuO/PEDOT Nanocomposites and their Supercapacitor and Equivalent Circuit Model Evaluations, Alpay GARİP, March, 2019

-Çağatay Elibol completed his PhD studies at University of Stuttgart, and Max Planck Institude, Germany as co-adviser of Prof. Dr. Murat ATES from Turkey.

- Synthesis, Characterization and Supercapacitor Applications of CB/MnO2/PPy and rGO/MnO2/PTTh Nanocomposites, Ozge Kuzgun, November, 2019

- Symemetrical Supercapacitor device performances and Analysis, Selin Aktaş, March, 2020.

- Applications of graphene oxide / Polypyrrole / Polyvinyl alcohol composites and derivatives for the Nanofiber Supercapacitor Device, Yeliz Yürük, October, 2020.